FYUSE, when we need more than just a picture…

Mathias Ervyn YUSE Application

I recently discovered the new application – FYUSE – and I literally found it, directly, this one very interesting. It’s not only a picturing application in more. There is something very intuitive and intriguing. It’s very simple and lot of potentials. Between augmented reality and storytelling…

How it works ?

Its very simple. First you download the application: https://fyu.se and after it’s very simple. You take picture and you share. It’s like instagram. But ont only …

The principal functionality is that the picture is literally “alive” – you enter in the picture, you turn around the selfie, you move through the landscape. There is no limit.

The magic happens when you take the picture – you need to take the picture like a video. By moving around the subject (or the object), and after that, the system is compiling and rendering the final FUYSE picture, who is a picture. Not a video. Simple like that. You can evidently she on all your social networks, which is the basic.

Creativity and autonomy

It’s why it’s so brilliant. This app give you the ability to be really creative and autonome in you way to tells tories. It’s not a video (so you don’t have to “watch” and consume video). But you have the idea of movement who gives you the impression to control the picture.

Synchronised to the gyroscopic sensor of your smartphone, the picture is moving from top to bottom, and from top to right following you movement. Giving you a real immersive picture experience.

Where is the potential ?

The potential is multiple. To present products and outfits, to make selfies, to create great content, to engage your clients and employees, to extend the dimension of the picture, to give more latitude to photographers, etc.

Brands and individuals will be able to use this new app from a lot of manners. In fact, everyone will use with its own taste.

Just try it ! And see he life from different angles …

Find the application here: https://fyu.se