#iGOTO, connected advertising for Art and culture

We have just seen in the streets of Brussels, an interesting print support incorporating a specially designed code (here a red bubble) to scan and that links to a specially built application iGOTO.

Concretely, you are walking in the streets and you see a particularly trendy advertising. You launch the iGOTO app on your smartphone and you take a picture of the advertising. The app proposes content and services that are related to the message.

What is particularly interesting here is that the code is totally immersed in the creation.  No ugly QR code.

The service is a platform for art giving information and tickets to people for art and culture events : practical information, special offers, etc.

The idea to scan an advertising is not new but it’s here in a new way to do it and at least, it’s reinforcing the connected advertising and giving a little bit more interaction between the message and people.

It’s directly playing with the momentum in front of the advertising – and giving you the ability to book tickets even if it’s sold out !

Seen in the streets of #Brussels. #ConnectedAdvertising i love art #iGOTO culture in your pocket #ScanAndShop #ScanAndLearn